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Hyde Hall, located within what is now Glimmerglass State Park, is one of the most special historic properties found in the Cooperstown region.  Built over a period of time between 1817 and 1834, the home contains much of the original furnishing and artifacts from the original builder, George Clarke (1768-1835).  Use the links below and in the sidebar to learn more about Hyde Hall and the former estate property.  Explore some of our collection items here, and check back often as we are always adding new content!


  • Mansion


      Hyde Hall is a stunning reminder of a bygone American era, when powerful English families established vast estates in

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  • Architecture


    Hyde Hall’s Architecture Hyde Hall is one of the finest representations of romantic classicism in America. The three parts of

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  • Tin Top Visitor Center

    Tin Top Visitor Center

    Hyde Hall’s Tin Top Gatehouse, which originally gave entrance to the extensive, landscaped grounds of the estate and led up

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  • Caretaker's Cottage

    Caretaker's Cottage

    Hyde Hall Caretaker's Cottage; 2013 Photo by Michael Reynolds   In the early 1850s George Clarke, Jr. (1822-1889) established a

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  • Stone House

    Stone House

    Stone House Hyde Hall; photograph by Michael Reynolds   The first phase of Hyde Hall was the family living quarters

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  • Crypt


    The Crypt can be seen on the drive up to the Hyde Hall mansion. This family burial vault was originally

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  • Landscape & Garden

    Landscape & Garden

    The original estate property consisted of approximately 600 total acres of land which included fields, forests, lakefront, tree-lined lanes, gardens

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  • Ghosts


    Hyde Hall, believed to be “haunted” for over a century, was featured on the Syfy cable channel network’s popular investigative

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  • Covered Bridge

    Covered Bridge

    There are only about 1600 original covered bridges remaining in the world today, and one of them was built as

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